Why GGBoost is the right place to boost your character?

The fact is, we are not just doing business, we ourselves are world of Warcraft players and really love this game. This allows us to think not by marketing standards, but to really offer the service you need.

What in our understanding is important for each of our customer?

Using our services all these advantages will be yours. These are not empty words.
We substantiated each of these points in detail, explaining why this is true.

To read the detailed information, just click on any of the points. We are sure that you will be convinced – GGBoost this is honestly the best place to boost your character.

Reliability of service

We have a lot of reviews on the largest gaming marketplaces.

Also, some time ago we started collect our feedbacks on the Trustpilot.

All this, so that you can be sure GGBoost is the right place to boost your character.

Account security / anonimity

If the order involves the account sharing to the one of our boosters, we always use VPN from Cyberghost with location of your country.

We have paid VPN license for all of our boosters and can track who and when using our license, so you can be sure we do our best to keep your account safe.

You need to know that absolutely all services without account sharing is 100% safe and there is no any risk.

Ability to monitor progress

If the order involves the account sharing, then by your request we can start streaming.

Thanks to this you will never worry, because you will always know what is happening with your character and at what stage your boost is at the moment.

Also, if needed, you will be able to communicate with the performer personally.

Start execution immediately after payment

We know how important it is to be able to proceed with the order immediately after payment.

Because from time to time you may want order service not in advance, but at the very moment when you want the work to begin.

Well, not a problem, our booster guaranteed will ready to start your order within 1 hour after the payment.

Of course, we will not be able to implement this in relation to raids, because this requires the organization of a huge number of people and must be planned in advance, but no problem with all other services which requires only a few people involved.

Reasonable order execution time

Approximate lead times always indicated in description for each of our services.

In the event that something went wrong due to our fault organisation and the allowable time to perform the service was exceeded, then we will offer you a decent compensation, as required by honest business conduct and our policy to work with clients.

We really appreciate your opinion about the quality of our services and will do everything possible so that you continue stay with us!

Fast support communication

When you can see operator online on the website you may be sure that if you need you’ll gen an answer just within 1 minute.

We appreciate the time of our customers and do not save recources on our communication capabilities.

Even if operator on the website away from keyboard you always can add us in skype or discord.

As result we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Favorable prices

This is not just a words, every 2 days we check our main competitors In order to be sure of one thing – our prices are really fair.

It may be that we have missed something, in this case please contact us and we will see what we can do! If somewhere, our prices were really not relevant we will make a new offer to you and reduce our prices on this service on the website.